NOTE:  When printing out these forms, be sure and print them out in Landscape format

Pedigree Chart Instructions:

In the upper left-hand corner, please print the name of the person submitting the chart, address, and the date.   It is very important that this information be placed on the chart.  Use an address label if you wish as a shortcut, but please don’t forget the Date.

 The Chart No. will be 1 on the first chart for each surname being researched.  If this chart is a continuation of another chart, then this chart would be No. 2, and the number of the person being continued on this chart would be placed in the number 1 position, and their number on the previous chart would be referenced as being No XX, on Chart No. 1.

The b., p., b., etc. are explained in the lower left-hand corner.   Dates usually are written 12 Feb 1673 (please make sure that ALL years are written as 4 numbers), to help avoid confusion.   All even numbers are male and odd numbers are female.  It also helps to add a cemetery, if known

Any of the called for dates, events, or facts that are unknown, should be left blank.

Family Group Sheet Instructions:

At the top of the sheet fill in the “Prepared By”,  “Address”, and “Date”.  This should be done on each Family Group Sheet completed.

The balance of the information on this sheet should be fairly self-explanatory.  The idea is to fill in as much of the information as possible.  If you don’t know something that is asked for, just leave that area blank and continue on with the form.  Continue through the husband, wife, and all the known children.

Each child, if married, then becomes the husband or wife on a new Family Group Sheet, and their family information with children is recorded.

Similarly, each husband and wife will become a child on a new chart if their parents are known to you.  You would then complete the information at the top for their parents and fill in the data about their siblings.

As you can see, many more copies of the Family Group Sheets will be needed than will the Pedigree Charts to do your research.

Contact the Fountain County Genealogy Society if you have any questions on either of these forms.  We will be very happy to help you.

Our members stand ready to assist anyone needing help with their research and/or in preparing their family history project.